Why You Should Hire A Female Graphic Artist


We all know how unstable some graphic artist can be in a ‘9-5’ job, some, like me get bored of creating/modifying the same design over and over, we (or maybe I) want something exciting that can push me out of my boundaries a bit and also learn new stuff/tools that will make me a better graphic artist. The cycle of a graphic artist is typically from several  ‘9 – 5’ job with agencies and even during this time some of us are working as freelance graphic artist on other jobs; to freelance graphic artist – in-house graphic artist of a company to freelance graphic artist to brand manager – art director and back to freelance graphic artist, we eventually end up as freelance artist, like me.

Being a freelance graphic artist works for me especially as I have a 6 month old and I really don’t like time restrictions, I create better designs in the evenings, I don’t know why but I do. I’m currently a freelance graphic artist with an agency, creating designs for an automobile company, it gets boring sometimes, designs are guided by rules and stuff, it’s a bit restrictive but… anyway, this story is for another day.

This article is about why working with a female graphic artist is better. I was talking to a potential client recently, she wants me to develop an online store, she explained why she would really like to work with me as previous graphic artist – males would abandon her project. She is quite specific on what she wants and I totally get her, but the process of explaining it to a graphic artist/web developer can be ‘annoying’ for some, they want a client who ‘talks less’. But as a female graphic artist, I listen attentively, ask specific questions about your project so I can understand and deliver a great job, how many male graphic artist have that patience? A few maybe.

Here are my reasons you should hire a female graphic artist:

  • They are patient and willing to listen
  • They are more professionally stable
  • They are easier to talk to
  • Females create great designs (Some people actually think I outsource my design jobs to a male artist, can’t a woman create great stuff?!)
This is my opinion though, I did not conduct any survey, just my experience as a practicing graphic artist. I’m not much of a writer so I’d end here, if anyone is interested in hiring me, my services are not exactly cheap o, if you want a logo for N5,000 please go to somolu (no offence to the somolu graphics guys).