Website Design For Beginners


20150213_202000_HDRI promised some of my blog readers I’d write about this, I bet they are waiting for this post. They had asked me how they could go about creating a website. I’d share how I started designing/developing websites. My first website was created years ago using Microsoft Frontpage and CorelDraw (see screen shot below). The design was done in Corel then I imported each page as images to Frontpage and linked them.




Currently I use WordPress (love it!). It’s quite easy but you should have a little knowledge of html. I’d recommend starting with Frontpage to learn (try to download it here) or another website creating software I used called Webeasy. I’d explain briefly how to use either of these 3 platforms/software’s.

The first step it to get a domain name and hosting, you may use Godaddy, iPage, Bluehost, Fatcow etc, their prices are different so choose the one you are comfortable with. See some websites I’ve created –,,

Using Microsoft Frontpage

If you can get the software, install it. Create/design your webpages with any graphic design software. Import the pages as images to Frontpage, now you have to link these pages. This is how I did mine – I created rectangles (no line or fill colour) of the same width of the text I wanted to link and placed it on the text. Then I hyper-linked the each rectangle to the appropriate page (remember the pages created in the graphic design software are now images). After all pages have been linked you need to upload all the files to your server using a FTP software like Filezilla.

Please note that this method is to create basic websites.

Using Webeasy

Webeasy is a WYSIWYG web design software, it costs about $50, you do not need any knowledge of html and you can create unlimited websites. I think it’s also possible to download a trial version so you can learn how it works before buying. Using webeasy is like using CoreDraw or any other graphic design software. There’s also a FTP software that comes with it so when you are done with the design upload to your server or use Filezilla.

Using WordPress

This is my favorite! It’s a free open source tool commonly known as a blogging platform but it’s fast becoming a CMS (content management system) based on PHP and MySQL used to create websites.

WordPress needs to be installed on your server, download WordPress from You can also install from you domain control panel depending on your hosts services. It can also be used without a domain but will have the and there are some options that will not be available but it’s ok if you are learning how it works. I’d recommend WPBeginner for tutorials, it’s a website that provides tips and tricks for WordPress beginners.

To create a fantastic website with WordPress, you also need to purchase a premium theme and a ‘drag and drop’ page design plugin like Visual Composer. There are also free themes and plugins you can download, check out Medialoot for free themes.

I like to keep my post short so I’d end here. By the way, there are other online web design services, like wix (free / premium) in case the options above don’t work for you.

Got any question? send me an email/chat. I’d be happy to help.