Web Image Design and Compression


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Where to find high quality images:

Stock Photos: Stock photos are photographs that are available for sale online. They are known to be popular because every image is very high quality and often a studio shot. Stock images are available for a small fee and can be used for commercial use.

Creative Commons: Creative Commons Photos are images that are released on the web by photographers for free, but with a perk. Depending on the type of creative commons license, if a person takes an image from a CC site they are required to credit back the URL of the original photo. Another type of license in creative commons states that one can credit back the photo,but that person is not allowed to make any changes to the image or use it commercially. Creative Commons Photography has a pretty good group of images, but you have to pay attention to what license is being presented with that photo.

Free Image: Free images are possible to be found on the web. Free images can be used commercially and you don’t have to link back credit to the owner. A site like PIXABAY is one that offers these types of images.

Self Work: You always have the option of taking some great snaps and using photoshop to do some great HDR toning to them. The benefit of taking pictures on your own is that you own all the rights and your images would be unique from everyone's duplicate images. The more unique you are on the web, the better and this will lead to an increase in your followers.

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Impacts on SEO:

Search Engine Optimization plays and important role on a website. SEO impacts where a website is seen on the web. The more visibility your site has on google, the better. Now, this is where images come into the mix. Let’s say that you have a great image and its high resolution. You add that photograph as the banner of your website and leave it in high resolution as is. When you start to load up your web page you will immediately notice something and that is that your site isn’t loading up too fast. When a site does not load fast it is because there are too many requests being made for it or just 1 really heavy request (your photo).

Quick Fixes:

As we discussed above, a high-resolution image can be too heavy for a web page. So what is the way to lower the size of the image without taking away the actual quality or cropping it? Well, that is easy. Compress your images! By compressing your high-quality images, you will be able to reduce the image size about 60 percent on average.

To Conclude:

A great website design must have some great images on it. The definition of a ‘great image’ is a unique and high quality photograph.Always remember to compress your photos before publishing live. By image compression, you will be guaranteed to have a fast loading site and a professional one!

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