Typography Design with Shadows!


During the week I asked via twitter poll what my next post should be and the highest vote (58%) was ‘Typography Design’. However, for the other 42% that voted ‘Stylish banners’, that would be my next post. There were other requests too – The role and benefit of graphic merged with audio and Blending of colors, I’d see what I can come up with, and thanks for the suggestions.

So here’s my tips / tutorial for ‘Typography Design’ with shadows! Before I forget, a reader, readers actually, asked for video tutorials. I’d try to create them, it can be quite tasking but I’d try. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel, I have a few videos uploaded already. No let’s create some designs!

1. First you type out your text, use 2 different font styles (see image below). The top text should be smaller than the bottom text.

2. Apply the contour effect to the top text, change colours, slightly turn it to an angle

Typography design with shadows 1


3. Now apply shadows (as seen in the image below) to the bottom textTypography design with shadows 2


4. Also apply shadow to the top text, ‘break contour apart’ so you can move the shadow however you want.

Typography design with shadows 3


Bonus tip

Create 3 squares / rectangle. Apply 2 colours (same family) one darker than the other. Leave the 3rd empty. Place the 2 coloured regtangles into the empty one (use ‘place in container’)

Typography design with shadows 4

Place the lighter rectangle ‘in front’ of the darker one.  Apply shadow to the lighter rectangle then adjust the shadow ‘feather and transparency’ settings

Typography design with shadows 5


And you should have something close ore better than this!

Typography design with shadows

Thank me later