Subscription Free Design Tools


Yes you read right – absolutely free design tools to resize images, convert images, create collages, create promotional banners and colours gallery (my fav!) at no cost!

Now let’s start with the Image Converter

This tool helps to change your images to JPEG, PNG, or TIFF by simply dragging and dropping any image in to the converter, select the preferred file format you want in the options and download.

Next is the Image Resizer

As the name implies, it’s a drag, drop and select the size you’d like to change your image to then download. There’s also a size guide to find the perfect size for your needs. If it’s an image you want to use on social media, the “Small” size would be best.

The Collage Maker

With this tool you can create stunning banner designs especially for social media. The Shutterstock Editor offers various templates and allows you edit your photos, and customize your collages. You can do the basic ‘creating design’ tasks like re-positioning, cropping, and moving images as you please as well as placing filters, adding unique elements, or changing sizes. These templates were especially designed for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

Now the last is the Colour gallery

This is my favorite, yes I saved it for the last :). Colours are extremely essential when it comes to any design project. Now this tool offers a full spectrum of colors to explore from with hundreds of pallets and schemes to bring your projects to life. It even has a general description/theory for each colour that will help you to pick shades that compliment and contrast the color you have chosen. You can also search for specific images per colour; here’s what I mean.. perhaps you are designing a social media banner and you need images of blue mountains for a background to align with your brands colours, Shuttestock has made that search easy so only images of mountains that have your colour code show up in the search results, why not try it out yourself.

Ok, that’s all for now, check these tools out and thank me later 🙂

Stock photo from Stock-Asso/Shutterstock