Retro Typography Design


I was quite pleased when I got an email from a reader last week who noticed that I haven’t shared any graphic design tips in a while and I promised my next post will be a graphic design tutorial. So with sleepy eyes (I’m literary dozing off), here’s my tip / tutorial on how to create a retro style typography design. I’ve used CorelDraw X7 for this, you can use other vector editing software. This typography design can be used for main headlines on posters, banners or flyers (digital or print). It took me over an hour to create this though, the typeface I used is Swiss but most sans-serif fonts should work.

retro typography

The video tutorial isn’t too long, it only shows how I created the ‘D’ so I’ve included the actual vector file (below) for download so you see how the others were created.

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Get the vector (eps file) here – 

Till my next post, keep designing!