Obama Inspired Poster Design


I was asked to create an Obama inspired poster, I had not done it before so I searched for tutorials online to design this but all I got was photoshop and illustrator tutorials. I tried them but it was taking so long to get results… I gave up and decided to use CorelDraw which is my preferred vector editing software and I achieved this in less than a hour!

For those interested in the steps using CorelDraw, see below and thank me later, lol.
1. Get a photo, use a similar head shot and convert to jpeg.

2. Select ‘Quick Trace’ – ‘Detailed Logo’ from the ‘Bitmaps menu’

3. Adjust the ‘Detailed Logo’ preset as done below

4. Select the ‘Colours’ tab and change the ‘Number of Colours’ to 8 (use your discretion) and click ‘ok’
5. Now break the object apart and apply colours.
6. Use the ‘Shape tool’ to adjust the nodes to make the lines smoother
7. For the line effect within the light blue area of the face, create several lines like done below.
8. Place the lines inside container/frame
And you should have something like this!
Leave comments if you need more help.