Logos With Hidden Meanings


Hello creatives, here’s another guest post by Jyoti Bhandari

For a business, there’s just one chance to create that killer first impression. And in most cases, logos create that first impression for businesses. Logos precede actual introductions, no matter whether your business is online or offline. It’s the often first thing that shows on your company website and remains the most visible element in a business card. It wouldn’t be an exgegaration to say that your logo is the flagship of your business and it must look like it. Remember, if you aren’t able to create that first impression on your target audiences, you wouldn’t ever get a second opportunity for a “do-over.”

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But with a virtual ocean of logos out there vying for consumers’ attention, how would your logo rank high on the popularity charts? It’s when everything in your logo – from symbols to the use of negative space – will be able to leave onlookers flabbergasted and asking for more!

Take the example of the hidden “arrow” in FedEx’s logo that cleverly celebrates company’s speedy delivery; the striped breakdown of IBM’s logo that’s reminiscent of the old box monitors; and Amazon’s logo features an arrow pointing from A to Z, just in case you forgot the range of products they offer.

Now, that’s the kind of logo design you need, one that packs in equal amount of cleverness and aesthetics to compel onlookers to give your design a second look. One that’s compelling enough to make your audiences bow in awe of your brand’s greatness and might.

And in case you’re looking to get acquainted with some such popular logos that never fail to impress and inspire with their hidden meanings, one of the fastest growing custom design crowdsourcing marketplaces, Designhill, has created an engaging, interactive microsite – An Interactive Guide to Famous Logos & their Hidden Meanings.

This interactive guide reveals the hidden meanings, messages and stories behind some of the world’s most popular logos. We bet  once you check out this interactive guide, you won’t look at these designs the same way again.

Jyoti Bhandari is a Digital Marketing Specialist| DesignHill.com