Logo Mock-up with CorelDraw


I’ve been searching for software’s or online services that can generate/create logo mock-ups for a while now but all  I’ve found is psd file templates. I’m still researching how to achieve a ‘perfect’ vector logo mock-up, but I’ve been able to create something close. See steps on how to achieve the mock-up above. I’d share when I find any tutorial on a ‘perfect’ mock-up.
1. Place the logo in your work space area

2. Get a wood background.

3. Draw object as seen below to represent a paper, apply gradient – grey and white

4. Apply shadow to the left part of the paper

4. Place logo on paper. Apply the ‘envelop tool’ using the ‘straight line mode’ preset

5. And you should have this.
Leave a comment if you need more clarification.