How To Find The Name Of A Font On A Website


You know how sometimes you see a font on a website, you like it and wonder what font it is… here’s a quick way to find out what that font is! All you have to do is install a google chrome extension (this works for google chrome browsers). See screen shoots below:


1. Go to the google chrome store and search for ‘WhatFont’ or search through google search. Install the extension

whats that font 1


2. After its been installed you should see the icon on top right of your chrome browser screen. Refresh your page and go the website where the font you want to know is. Click the ‘WhatFont’ icon.whats that font 2

3. Then click the font and the name pops up, click on the font name for more information like the size.whats that font 3


whats that font 4

And that’s it!