How To Create Vector Labels


Today I was looking at what seemed to be a new package design for Chivita exotic – Orange and Coconut Nectar. I noticed the ‘NEW’ label design element (see image below) and I wondered why the designer didn’t take the time to create a more realistic vector label design element (Yes! I tend to pay attention to detail), it would have taken just a little more effort. I’ve made the effort myself, not on the Chivita juice pack but here on my blog. See how I created mine below:

Step 1
Create a circle, apply fill colour – white or grey.

Step 2
Draw a diagonal line at the bottom right (as a guide) where you intend to apply the ‘peel’

Step 3
Now edit the circle – amend the curve alone the guide line you created earlier (see reference image below)

Step 4
Duplicate the circle, change the colour and make it a different colour, it should also be smaller. Place it within (center) the other circle.

Step 5
Draw a semi circle-like shape at the bottom right, ie the ‘peel’ part of this design element.The colour should be white.

Step 6
Now here is the tricky part: draw a bar across the semi circle and give it a shadow.

Step 7
Break the shadow apart

Step 8
Place the shadow inside the semi circle

And that’s it!