How To Create Simple Text Design


I’ve been designing for more than 10 years, professionally for 7 years, my 1st job (as a student on Industrial Training) was at Lowe Lintas, an advertising agency. I have since realized the most liked or appreciated designs are the simplest ones. I’ve seen some very ‘wack’ designs, I’ve created some too, but the one’s kept simple usually turn out quite good. You can make your design ‘pop’ with what you do to the text, so today I want to share a simple tip on how to give your text some kind of ‘make over’ yet simple. See below:

1. Type out your text, choose a bold font

text design tip 1


2. Break the text apart (Ctrl+K), move the letters to be on different levels, and let the texts overlap, use the ‘bring to front layer’ command (see picture below)

text design tip 2


3. Apply shadow to the texts that are on toptext design tip 3


This is how it looked after I applied shadows to the texts on top.

text design tip 4


4. Apply shadows to the texts below as well.

text design tip 5


5. So here I just created tiny circles of different colours as the background, then I place the text design on it.text design tip 6

That’s all. Easy! You can download the vector file below. Got questions, drop a comment below, click on the live chat or send me a mail.