How To Create Background Design


I promised in my last post that the next post will be about stylish banners… well this can pass for that. It’s actually a background design but you can apply it however you want. I used CorelDraw X7 to create this design and it took me about 30 minutes. See steps below:


1. Create a shape similar to the one below, you will need about 3 shapes like this. background design with shadows 1


2. I’ve used different shades of 1 colour for the 3 shapes. Create a square or the shape you want your background to be, give it a fill colour too, probably the darkest tone of the colour you are using .

background design with shadows 2


3. Now bring the shapes together, centralize them actually. and place it in the square… see image belowbackground design with shadows 3


4. You should have something like this.

background design with shadows 4


5. Here I added shadows to the shapes, remember they are placed in the square so you’d need to edit the ‘container’ content. Do this for all the shapes.

background design with shadows 5


6. This is the outcome of that

background design with shadows 6


Bonus tip: I duplicated the shapes, placed on top and added transparency…

background design with shadows 7