How To Convert Images to Triangle Style


Ok this is not exactly ‘triangular’ but that was my intention when I started this digital self portrait. Triangles are supposed to be used, that is several triangular shapes drawn to achieve a full portrait. Anyway I achieved something close, I guess it will be better when next I try as this is my first attempt. See how I created this design below.

1. Get a photo and begin to draw triangles – different sizes. Make sure to draw according to the structure of the face.

2. When every areas of the image is covered with triangles, move the photo to the side of the ‘triangular styled face’, it will be your colour guide.

3. Now place colours in all the triangles, use the original photo as reference. It doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’.

It’s pretty easy but it takes time, it took me about 2 hours to create this.