How To Create Vector Bottle Mock-Ups



vector bottle mock up 1iIt can be tiring when searching for available mock ups online and can’t seem to find. I spent a day searching for ’empty juice bottle’ mock up but I didn’t find, I didn’t even mind paying for it so I searched through all the vector stock websites I know. So a semi frustrated Neneh (me) decided to create her’s and it was quite easy, I think I did a good job, don’t you think so? I’d probably sell it on one of these stock vector websites.


vector bottle mock up 2


Here are all the shapes separated then as a whole before I added the shadows. You can start by getting a mock up from the internet and re-draw it, pay attention to the shadow, light and shade. I used CorelDraw X7 for this and it took me about 2 hours. So if you get stock on a project because you can’t find a mock up, create yours!