Happy New Year


Happy new year! I don’t know about you but the holidays sort of caught me unawares. I had and still have so much work to do,  barely had time to ‘relax’.

happynewyear 1

Anyway here’s a little design inspiration, the banner created above is basically a picture I took of my temporal work station and I drew the ‘2016’ with a pen on paper and transferred it to a vector editing software (CorelDraw). It’s not exactly neat but hey! If you have time or want a different look, you’d need to re-draw/trace it for a finer look like I did below.

I also applied a dark transparent background and blurred the image a little. So here’s a unique, quick and simple way to create your own greet message.


happynewyear 2

To all my clients, blog readers, subscribers and friends. Have a great year!