Graphic Design Inspired Activities For Kids


Aside from graphic and web design I have other ‘skills’, one of which is crafts. I love creating artistic stuff out of fancy cardboard’s and other art materials, I even made customs party packs when my daughter turned 2 in April. Materials used were colorful cardboard’s, glitter, cloth ribbon, old wrapping paper, glitter glue and water colour. It came out pretty well.

party bags

So my daughter has been on holidays, she loves arts and craft – she pronounces it in a way that is so different. Well that expected, her mum is a graphic artist and dad is a fine artist. She’s at the stage where she learns how to count numbers, shapes, colours etc and as a mum I have to teach her. I’m applying my art and craft skills to use by creating numbers and shapes with different colours with her.

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Materials used are coloured cardboard’s, thread, glue, sellotape, scissors and crayons. We made shapes and glued them on a string of thread. All you need to do is draw out the shapes or numbers on the cardboard and cut it out and get the kids involved, be careful with the scissors though. We also cut out numbers and stuck them on her room door so she can easily remember. We tried doing a collage but it didn’t come out well, she was such a control freak (like her mummy, lol), will try more collage ideas when she is a little older.

You actually don’t need to be a graphic designer or have special skills to create these crafts, all you need it the will,  so please go ahead and create fun crafts for the kids this holiday.

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