Digital Video Training | Lights, Camera and Wow [UPDATED]


Unleash your creative self with a training in Digital Video Production now holds April 7 & 8, see details below:


The LCW media training workshop series, is a series of crash courses intended to equip the participants with knowledge in the major sector of media; ie film, photography and design. This premier edition of the training will be focused solely on the art of filmmaking.

The electronic media has become unquestionably one of the most versatile means of reaching millions of people. Digital video is one of the tools at the forefront of electronic media communication. Corporate bodies and individuals alike use it in telling stories, creating news, information dissemination and for entertainment. The advent of the Internet and various forms of mobile devices on which video can be streamed and played has further transformed the way we all perceive Digital video.

digital video training


In the light of the foregoing, there is a great need to raise a new crop of movie makers who can combine the artistic concepts of traditional film-making with the new and emerging technological tools. Basically it’s about providing you with the tools you require not just for making high quality digital productions but also to make Productions that are contemporary and relevant.

Our structure for this edition of the LCW series, focused solely on filmmaking, would be a gruelling but highly rewarding 2 days with comprehensive practical lectures on:

  • Understanding your camera.
  • The Art of Lighting.
  • Shot composition.
  • Crafting your sound.
  • Basic secrets of editing.
  • Storytelling in frames and pictures.
  • The business of video making.

Registrations are done online  REGISTER NOW  Enquires: +2348023444094,