How To Create Gold Speckle Effects


Hope you had a restful weekend. I was feeling thankful this weekend and I created this ‘Thankful’ design to post on Instagram, by the way have you followed me?  It was created with Corel Painter 2016 and CorelDraw. I was wanted to create some kind of simple gold speckle around a text that read ‘Thankful’.

See image below, you can hover to see more information.

The Process

So basically I created the gold speckle in Corel Painter, use the ‘Air Brush’ – ‘Coarse Spray Jitter’ effect. Create different speckle effects.

gold speckle
Gold speckle effect – corel painter 2016

Export the image as png. to CorelDraw. For this design I created a thick square outline and converted the line to object.

gold speckle

Then I placed the gold speckle inside the object and around the sides of the object. It’s actually quite easy, try it out and share, you just might create something better. This effect can be used for header texts, flyer headers, social / digital media banner designs – maybe to announce a sale or promote a service/product.

Till my next post, have a great week!



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