Create a website/eCommerce store using WordPress


I’ve been so busy working on a new website, an eCommerce website (it’s still work in progress). It’s the first site I developed with WordPress so it took a while. Now I have a hang of it. If you develop eCommerce stores, here are some free woocommerce themes (I used one of them for the eCommerce site above), for those who intend to use WordPress to develop eCommerce stores note that you have to install the woocommerce plugin and use a woocommerce theme.

Using WordPress is pretty easy, almost a drag and drop platform. First you have to register a domain name with hosting, download and install WordPress on your server, if that’s too technical for you, contact your website host. Onces its installed you’d have access to your admin panel and you can start developing your website. There are tons of plugins to help build a great website   I ‘be be happy to help if you have issues, just send me a mail or eave a comment below.