Create A Page Curl Effect


A few years ago I often wondered how to create a good vector page curl, I didn’t like the page curl effect that came with CorelDraw. I have several page curl designs, here’s one, see how I achieved this below:

1. Create the object you want to ‘curl’,apply fill – colour and convert object to curves.
2. Edit the object as done in the image below

3. Now draw an object, this will be the ‘curl’ as seen below then remove the outline
4. Give the’curl’ object a gradient fill.

5. Now create an object behind the top object, it should be the same size, apply a shadow effect, let’s call this the ‘back page’
6. Apply a shadow effect to the ‘curl’ object and place inside the object behind
7. Place inside container/frame ie place in the ‘back page’
8. Now you need to edit the objects in the container  – break the shadow (of the ‘curl’) apart – adjust it to look like the image below. Once that is done select finish editing container/frame.

This is what you should have this or something similar