Create a Low Poly Text Effect


I found another way to create a triangular effect, also known as low poly. I made my first attempt here using CorelDraw, creating/drawing from scratch but here is another way, a bit advanced though. This was created in about an hour and it’s not exactly perfect so it might take more time to create a nicely done low poly effect. You will also need a basic knowledge to create this otherwise you will not achieve anything close. See steps below:

Step 1
Type out you text and apply fill/colour. I used a gradient fill here.

Step 2
Get a background. I got this from Google. Place the background behind your text.

Step 3
Go to and download the  I ♥ ∆ application. After it’s been downloaded tot your computer, open the folder (it’s a zip file) and click the index.html file (this takes you to a web page).

Step 4
Drag your image to the software and start editing.

To begin, click ‘add 25 vertices’ button, then reduce the opacity of the polygons so you can see your reference image underneath. This is where your knowledge of drawing is useful, cover all the areas with a triangle – tedious! 

When you are done, click ‘export to SVG’ and save on your computer.

Step 5
Import (or drag and drop) the file into the CorelDraw workspace, it’s now a vector object. select it and remove the outline.

And that’s it!