Create 3D Text’s With CorelDraw


Create this basic 3D text using CorelDraw. I created this in about 20 minutes. It’s very basic / simple especially for beginners. See steps below:
1. Get your text
2. Arrange the text as shown in the image below
3. Select Extrude > Tools bar

4. Apply the ‘Extrude top left’ preset (or your preferred choice) – Apply this for all text
5. Bring the top text to front so they are on top of each other
6. Now arrange the text – see image below

7. Now group and duplicate the whole text, set it aside
8. Break apart the text then ungroup
9. Apply fountain fill colour to the individual text –
10. Now select and group all text and place on the duplicated design – notice the extruded part is smoother

11. I used the perspective tool to tweak it a bit

12. And that how I achieved this!
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