9 Exciting Graphic Design Trends for 2015


A guest blog post by Laura Brentley

We are just a quarter into 2015, yet the year’s graphic design trends are already present in many sites and products. The preferred look and feel include aspects of minimalism and Swiss design sensibilities. For instance, the past years’ trends have steadily and surely pointed towards a flat and simple design that does away with gradients and gloss. Google and Microsoft Windows 8 are great examples of this trend.Cardprinting_Infographic_V03

Pinterest has also influenced the way layouts are done. Celebrating geometry and precision, the grid layout calculates the placement of objects within the page structure in a logical manner. It also utilizes bold outlines and solid colors.

Not that everything is severe, design-wise, for 2015. Influences of the K-pop craze are also highly evident. From short, quirky slogans, use of graphic smiley icons galore, through to flashy embellishments and clashing prints, you’d be hard-pressed to claim that the year’s design preferences are on the dull spectrum!

When it comes to fonts, non-traditional ones are all the rage. Handwritten, mix-and-match, customized for branding – you name it, it is probably being used by a designer this year.

As for colors, there is still a preference for pastels, albeit in a softer, more muted palette. The best reason for this trend is that pastel works best with flat design layouts. However, another emerging color trend points towards single shades of solid color. Monochromatic and simple yet with a bold presence, it helps enhance brand recognizability (Acne and Mulberry are brands that utilize this trend).

2015 is also the time to minimize the use of stock images. This year is all about original illustrated works that communicate uniqueness. It’s an awesome trend that hopefully puts copyright issues to a grinding halt.

And just when you think things are veering towards a decidedly austere place in design, along come paisley and floral/foliage detailing. Thick black key lines add a bold touch to this soft design fave, which gives a tip of the hat to a classic, retro favorite a couple of decades ago. In stark contrast, pixel squares for graphics and logos are also back. Inspired by early digital days, this design detail is often paired with an RGB or CMYK palette.

These dynamic graphic design trends are featured in a colorfully-presented infographic by CardPrinting.com for easy reference. The details that make up a great design are enumerated and described in nine sections, with a layout and design that visually describes these trends. The infographic can be seen at https://www.cardprinting.us/blog/2015/01/graphic-trends-for-2015/


BIO: Having worked in the graphic design industry for more than 5 years, author Laura Brentley currently serves as a manager at the Marketing Department of Tele-pak Inc., a card printing company based in Monsey, NY.

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