How To Create Infographics


I’m so happy to share this tip about how to create infographics, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Infographics are basically using visual graphic representations of information, data or knowledge presented in a way the readers can quickly understand content clearly. This seems to be the trend in graphic design but it has been around for a long while before now. I’m so into this trend because it’s kinda my style to use these elements in my design – flat graphics, vectors, icons etc, and it’s pleasing to the eye. Ok, enough talk, see how I created the infographic above, it’s a very simple one and took less that a hour. I used the article I wrote on Brainleaf, see it here. I just used the first paragraph for this tutorial.


infographic 1

1. Don’t use too much text. I separated the paragraph into 4 sentences. 

2. Select a keyword from the sentence. I used some keywords in each sentence to create the graphic vectors/icons. Like for the first sentence I used a desktop computer to represent ‘freelance graphic artist’

3. Use vibrant colours

4. Keep the layout clean, don’t use too many fonts, the heading should be clearly differentiated from the body. If it’s too busy you may defeat the purpose of the infographic  

5. Oops…what was tip 5 again…. just have fun with it.

There are some free/paid online services that allow you create infograpic design but I haven’t used them yet, it’s easier creating the design myself from scratch.