Tips & Tricks: How to create stylish texts with CorelDraw


So for those who want the text style above, see steps below. It’s quite easy!
1. Type your text and select a cursive font

2. Select the ‘Contour tool’ and apply the ‘Outward Flow’ preset

3. Adjust the Contour setting -use ‘2’ for the Contour steps.

4. Select ‘Break Contour Apart’ from Arrange in the menu bar (This should separate the objects to 3).

5. Change to your preferred colours.

6. Duplicate the text on the first layer, change it to black and place it at an angle behind the first layer.

7. Rotate all the object

5. Apply a shadow

6. Create an object as done below for simple text effect

7. Apply the transparency tool – about 15%

8. Place the object inside the text on the first layer as done below

10. You should have something similar to this!
Easy right! Leave comments below if you need more tips.