Tips & Tricks: How to create different shadows in CorelDraw


I’ve been using CorelDraw almost everyday for years. I’ve created some designs that may be difficult to imagine it was done with CorelDraw. So I’d be sharing my little tips here. To get the shadow style above, see steps below

1. Using a bold font, type out you text

2. Select the ‘Contour tool’

3. Select the ‘Flow Outward’ preset

4.  Adjust the contour steps and contour offset

5. Select ‘Arrange’ from the menu bar, select ‘Break Contour Group Apart’. Now you should have two objects – text and border

6. Apply shadow, use the ‘small preset’

7. Select ‘Arrange’ and select ‘Break Drop Shadow Apart’

8. Duplicate the shadow (Ctrl D)

9. Select the shadow behind the border and convert to bitmaps

10.  Using the ‘Shape tool’ Cut about three quarters from the right of the bitmaped shadow

11. Rotate the shadow and cut of the top,  so the shadow only appears by the right side and bottom.

12. Apply from step 10 to the right side of the text.

You should have something like this

 Note that this works best when the border/contour colour is white.

Hope this was helpful.