How To Save High Resolution JPEG Files


A lot of times you need to send your design as a jpeg file either to your client, printer etc and you can’t seem to save high res jpeg files… now here’s how I go about it.

I have 2 ways of doing this, first is exporting as a jpeg file but increasing the resolution. I use CMYK colour mode, increase the quality to 100% and change the resolution to 600. If you are using CorelDraw, the default highest resolution is 300 but you can change it, just click and type it in.

jpeg export screen shot

Here’s the 2nd option, I export as PDF – Adobe Portable document (Please note that is not the regular PDF) This usually works for me, it maintains the design quality. It can also be exported to other graphic editing software.

adobe pdf export screen shot


Hope this helps…


Image source: unsplash