Graphic Designs By Julio Kartowinangoen

Design by Julio Kartowinangoen

I was going through Instagram and saw some nice clean designs created by Julio. He is a young freelance graphic designer based in Netherlands, his work is so tidy and I really like the presentation. I know I can learn from his style, especially his low poly design as seen above and I think other graphic designers can too. If you are interested in hiring him, I’m not sure what his rates are but I bet it will be worth it. See his bio, other works and contact below:

”I’m a 23 year old graphic designer from The Netherlands. I have professionally worked within the graphical field for more than 4 years with both freelance and studio experience. My interest in design started at a very young age when I discovered the world of computers and it’s creative pixels.

Having the ambition to learn more I was highly motivated to investigate and understand the technical side of ‘how things works’.

Many years later I’m glad to be in an industry that prompts creativity in a daily basis and its endless possibilities. It’s a never-ending development which I love to take on.

Social media: ( private ) ( business ) ( business )

Linkedin – ( )

By the way he sent me some links where I can download free stuff, if you are interested, contact him, I’m sure he will be willing to share more.
  • Anonymous

    Interesting, I like his style

    • Thank you very much!

  • Your blog his amazing. Thank God i found it.

    As an upcoming designer that uses corel draw mostly (photoshop is kinda complex to me, buh i use it to crop images: polygon lasso tool most times) have search for a designer that uses corel too, thank God for my luck in finding ur blog.

    Well you have found yourself a committed reader, pls keep posting great stuff.

    Am sure to refer my friends here.

  • Thanks Victor, glad you found my blog.

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