Graphic Design Tips & Tricks


I started this blog in May 2014, about a month after I had my daughter. My intention for the blog was to showcase my work as I had been freelancing and I felt it was time to get my work out instead of laying in my hard drive. After posting a few, I didn’t quite get the feedback I was expecting but I though  since I had just started, I should give it a little while.

Then I thought of posting a tutorial on how I create some graphic designs like typography, design elements etc. The first graphic design tutorial had more views that all the other stuff I’ve been posting put together, that’s how I began sharing my tutorials, tips and tricks. It’s been helpful even to me, yes I go back to my tutorials for reference and the feedback has been great.

I’m grateful to help graphic designer solve design problems because online tutorials have helped me a lot, by the way I learnt how to use WordPress totally on my own from online resources, trial and errors.

Anyway see a catalogue of some tutorials, tips and tricks I’ve put together since I started the blog, you might find something useful. Don’t forget to share 🙂