Give Your Text A Vector Realistic Look


Happy New Year!! It’s been such a blessed year, I’m so grateful to God for all I’ve achieved so far, my family, friends, colleagues, clients and you (yes you!) I pray God grants you heart desires as we enter a new year.  I designed a digital ‘happy new year greeting’ for my family and I’m going to share how I created this design.

How To Give Your Text A Vector Realistic Look

I used CorelDraw x7 (you can use Adobe Illustrator as well or other vector editing softwares) and this took me about 1 hour+.

  1. Select your preferred font, something stylish and curvy
  2. Arrange the text as seen above, you can turn the text slightly if necessary.
  3. Add the ‘contour effect’, use just ‘one contour step’ and change colour. You may need to do this separately for each text.
  4. Now ‘break the contour effect apart’ and ‘send to back’ for each text so see the one on top clearly.
  5. Cover up the white spaces with the contoured object behind using the ‘shape tool’ to distort till all white spaces are no longer visible.

6. Draw some shapes to highlight the sides of the text that light and dark falls on (see image above). Use a lighter colour for the light side and a darker colour for the dark side.

7. Do this for every text and you should have something similar to the image above.


Now to create the realistic/embossed look, covert the objects you have used for highlights to bitmaps and apply the ‘Gaussian blur’ effect. Place the blur effect in each text (do this for every text), and the finished design should look like what I have above.


Hope this was helpful… if you have any challenges, let me know, I’d be happy to help!