Flyer Design Tips


Flyers are in my opinion are the most commonly form marketing (print and digital), almost every small business has a flyer either printed or online. Flyers are used to communicate clearly certain information to your chosen audience. I have lost count of how many flyers I designed, I’d use the flyer I designed for the Infinity (olori oko) music group and The International Builders Show flyers some years back, see below. Here are a few tips to create a flyer/poster design.


Tip #1

Create a rough layout on paper, it doesn’t have to be something fantastic, just a couple of squares and other shapes to sort of create a foundation or wire frame.


Flyer design


Tip #2

Have a main headline and a sub-headline. What I mean here is let there be a major element that will catch the readers eye then a sub-major element.

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Tip #3

Please, there’s no need to use more than 2 fonts. If you need variations, make some fonts bolder than others. Less is more!

Tip #4

It has to be readable, don’t squeeze too many words, let the design breath or else you’d end up with a clustered artwork.

Flyer design

Tip #5

Let your colours stand out. See flyer design above, I created it with CorelDraw and Photoshop in 2012, it could have been better but hey, it’s good enough! Try to avoid dull colours especially if it’s going to be printed, it needs to be eye catching.

Tip #6

Don’t use copyrighted images or ‘Google images’ as we all know it, you can buy stock images for as low as $5 from Photodune.

Tip #7

Now this is important, proof read over and over, I once made a mistake by placing the wrong year – as in I had 2014 for a 2015 event on a flyer!


Ok, that’s all I can share, hope it helps you design a great flyer that will create a lasting impression! If you have other tips please share.

Vector graphic/image source: Freepix