Create Glossy Button Effect


 I got feedback recently from a reader of this blog, apparently my ‘tutorials’ are not quite easy to understand especially for new users of CorelDraw, so I’d try to a bit more detailed with the steps. I’d also start a YouTube channel for those that would rather watch the videos.

So today I’ve created this glossy button, yours can be a different shape, this is just the basic guide, see steps below. You can also use this tip for text effects, see previous post here

Step 1
Create a shape, I’m using a circle for this tutorial. To create a circle or other shapes, click the Ellipse tool > tools bar

Step 2
Apply a fill/colour

Step 3
Apply fountain fill > tools bar, use the ‘linear preset’ (see reference photo below). Use a lighter shade of the shape colour. The darker colour should be on top and the lighter colour at the bottom

Step 4
Create another circle within the current circle, it should be a bit smaller so that there is a round thick outline

Step 5
Apply a fountain fill, this time apply the ‘radial preset’, make sure the lighter colour is at the center of the circle, see photo reference below

Step 6
Draw another circle, it should be a bit oval, I used white for the colour, you may use the lightest shade of the other circle colour.

Step 7 
Apply transparency > tools bar. Use the ‘uniform preset’

Step 8
Convert to bitmaps

Step 9
Apply the transparency tool, ‘uniform preset’

Step 10
Apply a shadow and that’s all!