How To Create A Flyer With PowerPoint


Today’s post is long over due, I’ve wanted to share this for a while now- creating a flyer with PowerPoint. As a creative person, I like to utilize the tools available to me to create basic design solutions. Imagine you have a computer with just Microsoft Office, no vector editing software and you need to create a design; here’s PowerPoint to the rescue, lol. If you are not familiar with Illustrator or CorelDraw this will be helpful to you too. The template is available for download, see link below.

1. Create a blank slide


2. Draw a rectangle shape and fill (colour)powerpoint-flyer-2

3. Create you textpowerpoint-flyer-3

4. Duplicate text so it can be closer (basically reducing the line spacing)powerpoint-flyer-4

5. Create another rectangle, I’ve used a darker shade from the top rectangle


6. Add some text



7. Search online for icons relevant to the flyer content, make sure they are .png files so the background is transparent.


8. Add more text and background…



9. Get social media icons online…



10. Finish up with some content/elements at the bottom. I used a black background here, and added contact details.


Now that we have created the flyer, the next step is to save it in a format you can share digitally or even print. What you need is a screen shot grabber tool, I use the free version of Icecream Apps Screen Recorder. Whatever tool you are using, just capture the design area and it should be saved as a jpeg or .png format you can share digitally.


If you are not interested in designing, order designs for the design shop

Download This Template

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Powerpoint Flyer Template 266.57 KB 192 downloads


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