Create A Website With WordPress #3


By now you should have installed WordPress on you site and selected your preferred theme right. Now let’s create pages!

Step 1

We will start with the home page, select Pages > Add New

worpress tips 3i


Step 2

Add a page title, eg Home if it’s the home page, or Our services if its the our services page. Create all the necessary pages

worpress tips 3j


Step 3

Now that all pages have been created, add some content. Remember I suggested you get a page builder plugin to make this easier , so by now you should have that installed. Start adding the content using the page builder, I use visual composer, there are others you can use. In the screen shot below note that I have 2 types of page builders, (the other one came with the theme) You can preview/view the page as you work, when you are done, click Publish/Update. Do this for all pages.

worpress tips 3k

Step 4

Let’s build the menu, that the page links usually at the top of every page. Click Appearance>Menu

worpress tips 3l


Then create a new menu, add pages and save

worpress tips 3m

worpress tips 3n


Do this for all the page you want at the menu bar/area. Now check out your site, how does it look. Need more tips, chat with me on my Personal Chat Page