Be A Productive Graphic Designer


Dear ‘graphic designers’, if you are one of those that give this profession a bad name, it’s time to CHANGE! Why will a graphic artist who has been paid in full for a job, for what ever reason not deliver a brief on the due date and not communicate with your client?

If you are in the freelance business you have to be extra productive or should I say proactive; keep your clients updated with the status of their brief, send a text, email, make a call! I can understand that there are briefs that do get completed within the agreed time with the client, especially when swamped with work, it happens to most of us, and it’s important to let your client know the reason for the delay.

[Tweet “Referral from your current clients is probably your best marketing tool in the freelance business”]

Keep them happy, see my post about starting a freelance business. I shared some success tips on twitter recently, see below:

I need to add to that, Be Polite, Be (customer) Friendly… if you have more tips, please share.

Photo credit:  Logo vector designed by Freepik