Add Elements To Your Design


It’s been about 2 weeks since I posted here, the life of a graphic designer can be quite hectic, by the way I’m also a wife and mother! So today I want to share my tips on how to add some elements to you graphic design to make it ‘pop’. In this tutorial I used CorelDraw X7, see below:

1. Select the ‘Artistic Media’ tool from the menu, it should display the window on the left side on your screen. Click/select any of the effect.

swoosh and text tutorial 1


2. Select the ‘Sprayer’ option.

swoosh and text tutorial 2


3. Choose any of the artistic effect and draw on your work area.

swoosh and text tutorial 3

4. Select the artistic effect and click ‘Break Artistic Media Group Apart’. This gives you the option to move the elements around as you like.

swoosh and text tutorial 4


Extra tip

Select the ‘Pressure’ option from the Artistic Media menu

swoosh and text tutorial 5

Create text, this will be your guide to draw your own text using the ‘Pressure’ tool option.

swoosh and text tutorial 6


And in the end you may have something like this…swoosh and textI hope this is helpful, leave a comment below if you have any issues. Have a great week!