A Logo Design Process


It’s been quite a busy week for me (as it usually is), let me share one with you, it was a logo I created last week. So I got a brief to create a logo for a Football fan blog – Giddy Reds Nation, the client sent me some image references and explained other details via chat. The logo required some illustrations / sketching and that’s not my strength, I asked my husband to help, oh yes he an artist, a painter. He created the sketch below using Sketch Book Pro.

logo design process 2

I transferred the sketch to my computer, imported to CorelDraw so I could add colours and make the edges and outlines smother. But it was taking time, time I didn’t have, so I asked my brother who’s studying Arts in school to help out, he re created the sketch as a vector file in about a hour using CorelDraw, see image below:

logo design process 3

It looks ‘flat’ right, I added some light’s and dark’s here and here plus a few other corrections…

logo design process 4

Here’s the final logo. It took about 2 weeks, 3 artist and well I can’t say the cost the design was worth it considering the back and forth, it was actually more than I’ve explained in this post, in fact there were about 3 / 4 initial sketches in the beginning, but oh well, it was ok.

logo design process 5

Here’s a special thanks to my husband and brother for helping me out (they didn’t get a cut from the payment). Hope you enjoyed my logo design process.