The 7th Element Graffiti Exhibiton


My friend Osa had an exhibition this weekend and I had to attend. It was the first graffiti exhibition in Lagos. I remember our little clique in school (Creative Arts, University of Lagos) and how Osa used to practice his graffiti art back then, I’m saying ‘back then like it was 20 years ago, lol, it’s not that long ago. Any way, I’m glad he was persistent with his skills and worked hard, it’s paying off.

I was able to take a few pictures (of myself and my friend), my 2 year old daughter for some reason didn’t want to be in that space so please pardon the lack of proper editorial images.

And scratch, deep on the surface is what Osa does and is doing with his 7th element exhibition, painting new walls and convening a first time exhibition in Lagos City, wholly dedicated to Graffiti, its connection and stories. The exhibition consists of 30 art pieces, and 5 Installations which will allow people interact with and be a part of the Art, while encouraging them to share their experiences with their social networks.

What makes graffiti special for the proponent of the 7th element? Its freedom and flow, also reflected in the waves that accompany the 7th element logo, says Osa. ‘It shows our desire to see that more people are carried along and that more platforms and expressions are borne out of this. ‘I like the fluidity…there are no rules. It allows you to communicate serious topics one minute and light hearted subjects the next. In one artwork, I’m talking about Police Brutality, and in the next, I’ve got a drawing of Kanye West with his shades on. There are no limitations really’.

Urban graffiti art has found expression beyond public walls, tagging and vandalism – it is now considered a proper art form globally with artist commissions and exhibitions in leading art houses, and rightly too.



With my friend Barbara & a photobomber (She’s actually part of the 7th Element team)







I was particularly interested in one of the art pieces (sorry I didn’t take a picture), the title was ‘seduction’ I think, I asked for the price and hmmmm, let’s just say it wasn’t cheap and that was the price the bid starts from! Haba, with my few thousands, how was I to ‘compete’, lol.

Overall, it was a good experience.

Source: The Guardian Nigeria