3 Time-Saving Social Media Marketing Tools All Businesses Should Use


Who Says Great Social Media Marketing Can’t Be Done Quickly?

The push for all businesses to be active online has never been greater. Social media marketing is as integral to a company’s success as having a website or appearing on Google. But how can entrepreneurs perfect their social media management without dedicating too much of their valuable time to just one aspect of their business?


Marketing agencies hear this all the time from business owners: “I just don’t have time to be on social media.” But the truth is, many businesses can’t afford not to be on these platforms.


In fact, 71 per cent of people are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals.


That’s a statistic worth capitalizing on!

So, what tools are available to make the job easier? In this article we’ll share our top three social media marketing tools that will make promoting your business easier, faster and more effective.

Here they are:


Maybe your business doesn’t sell enough products online to warrant building an entire custom eCommerce site. But every now and then, you have something you wish you could promote online and it’d be much more convenient if customers could purchase it from their computers or mobile devices. If so, Gumdrop is the social media marketing tool of your dreams.

Gumroad allows users to sell products, subscriptions, apps, and other online items simply and easily, without the need for a website. Gumroad easily integrates with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and can be embedded onto any website.

The best part? Gumroad is significantly cheaper than most eCommerce platforms, but still allows you access to all the background data you need. With their in-depth analytics and customer management features, you won’t believe the quality and efficiency of this tool.

Other features include:

  • Personalized landing pages
  • Ability to import existing email lists
  • Ability to set up discount codes
  • Pricing and payments in all major currencies
  • Shipping management
  • Custom URLs



Business owners all over the world have struggled with the inability to schedule posts to Instagram as conveniently as they can to other social media platforms. This is because of Instagram’s application programming interface (API) does not yet allow this capability. However, Schedugram has found a work-around! While still bound to Instagram’s stipulation that the platform must be accessed through a mobile device to be fully functional, the folks at Schedugram got a little creative. They use a pool of cell phones and an encrypted VPN tunnel to make scheduling posts to Instagram possible.

Read more about Schedugram’s unique process here.

In the end, business owner’s are able to upload content they want to share to Instagram, select the time and date they want it to be shared, and enjoy peace of mind. Schedugram will even make sure your photo is correctly sized for Instagram, meaning no more editing on your end!

All in all, this amazing social media management tool is a game-changer.


There are few social media tools as helpful or as valuable as BuzzSumo. When it comes to finding relevant, time-sensitive, interesting content that will appeal to your target audience, BuzzSumo is the ace that every business should have up their sleeve.

Stop scouring Google News and other feeds for content to share. Let BuzzSumo do the research for you!

This social media marketing tool compiles the most talked-about and engaging content on the web in any given category and then organizes the results based on how well they are performing online.

Imagine! No more guesswork. Just the ability to confidently post to your social media platforms! Because when you find content through BuzzSumo, you are able to see precisely how each piece of content is performing on the world wide web at any given moment.

Sounds too good to be true right? But it’s true! You can even find influencers in any given industry and set alerts so you are notified as soon as content is shared with a specific keyword in it.

Never stress about finding winning social media content again! Trust us, there’s a reason so many social media experts can’t function without this tool.


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Michelle is the Marketing Associate at Design Wizard. She spent four years studying Media Studies in Dublin Institute of Technology before completing her Master’s Degree in Marketing and Management in University College Cork. She’s delighted to work with such an exciting design software company and is eager to help Design Wizard continue to grow. Michelle is a dog lover. She enjoys going on hikes with her four-legged friend, travelling and going to the cinema (mainly for the treats).