2019’s Best Picture Nominees Poster Designs- From Graphic Designers perspective


So the Oscar’s was just a few days ago, and honestly I didn’t watch it. This year the ‘buzz’ was just not ‘buzzy’. However some creative graphic designers created their own poster versions of the 2019’s best picture nominees. I’ve see three of the movies, well actually 2 and a half, I haven’t finished watching Roma but I’ve seen A Star is Born and Black Panther, good movies! See more on Shutterstock and get inspired. I’d share here the movies I’ve seen here.


Roma concept movie poster

Poster by JC Moreno

“Set in 1970s Mexico City, Roma follows Cleodegaria “Cleo” Gutiérrez, an indigenous housekeeper working for a middle-class family. I wanted to portray Cleo as a heroine persevering against all odds; and what better artist to depict a hero than Jack (King) Kirby, one of the most influential comic book artists of all time.

I went for a 1970’s Jack Kirby cover and kept the elements in black and white – both like the film and the sketches Kirby would make before illustrating his characters in color. In the poster, Cleo is steadfast despite the impending riot and crashing waves that threaten to overtake her.”

A Star is Born

A Star Is Born concept movie poster

Poster by Thanh Nguyen

A Star is Born is a tragic love story between seasoned musician Jackson Maine and Ally, a struggling artist.

My inspiration for this poster came from the iconic collage ‘Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?’ by British artist Richard Hamilton who laid the groundwork for the pop art movement, along with a touch of modern zine culture.”

Black Panther

Poster by Jac Castillo

“Based on a comic book, Black Panther follows T’Challa as he takes the throne of Wakanda after the death of his father.

My poster was inspired by illustrator Daniel Danger whose work is known for its atmospheric lighting, monochromatic palette, and detailed line work. With that style in mind, I chose to depict the cave where the heart-shaped herbs that give the Black Panther his powers grow.”

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Stock photo from MidoSemsem/Shutterstock