2019 Color Trends: Discover the World’s Most Popular Colors


Hi designers! Compliments of the season, it’s been quite a while. I’ve been busy with work – designing, crafting and caring for my family (my family grew, I now have another daughter, she’s 4 months old now) so please pardon my absence here :). That aside, I’d like to share this article from Shutterstock (we all know Shutterstock right), it’s about the 2019 colour trends and incidentally the brand colour for my craft business (Crafted by Neneh) is one of the most popular colors and I kinda like the colours. And it’s not just graphic design, it’s also the trend in paper craft, baking and decor. Read more below:

Fastest Growing Colors

Shutterstock’s 2019 Color Trends Identifies Fastest Growing Colors in Popularity Around the World

By analyzing pixel data together with image download data, Shutterstock identifies Proton Purple, Plastic Pink and UFO Green as top three colors on the rise globally

NEW YORK, NY November 29, 2018Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global technology company offering high-quality assets, tools and services through its creative platform, today launched its 2019 Color Trends report. By matching pixel data with image download data, Shutterstock has identified the top three colors surging in popularity year-over-year in 2018 as well as local favorites from around the world.

The neon trio of turbo-charged colors that have grown most in popularity in 2018 include: -Proton Purple- #8a2be2: this vivid purple represents the palpable positive charge of our daily lives. -UFO Green- #7fff00: a bright green that evokes lush countrysides alongside whirling rows of binary code. It’s both natural and supernatural. -Plastic Pink- #ff1493: a sizzling pink with lots of depth, that captures the electric glow of cities at night.

“Whether it’s conscious or not, the colors we choose to represent any given occasion reflect more than just current trends in fashion or design – they have a larger cultural significance,” said Lou Weiss, CMO of Shutterstock. “If we look to the ideas influencing culture today, technology stands at the forefront. There’s tons of energy driving this movement, so it’s no surprise that the top trending colors pack a real digital punch.”

In addition to the top three fastest-growing colors in popularity globally, the report also highlights the top trending color for 20 countries around the world. From lavender blush in Japan to plum in the U.K., these hues show us local favorites in different regions around the globe. The identified colors capturing our attention in various countries are based on fastest growing year-over-year change in 2018.

To learn more about the top trending colors around the world, click here.