10 traits to let you kown if you have the right graphic artist on the job



Guest post by Yogesh Shinde.

A good design can move an audience. Not only does it have the power to make way into people’s heart, but also leave a long lasting impression. American global consumerism has seen some very famous brands, being embraced locally and within other countries, courtesy the affluence in the design by a good graphic designer. Corporate logos, cereal boxes, different packaging items, have all had their images created by a good graphic designer.

Listed below are some of the traits of a good graphic designer

Very Creative

A good graphic design has his creative juices flowing every time to come up with simple yet extraordinary looking artwork. They breed and farm a variety of references, look to vintage designs that are long forgotten, craft a masterpiece design out of them and revive them. They find new ways to do things differently.

Adore Challenges

They adorn the challenge cap always. They understand that certain tasks may mean, they step out of their comfort zone, and they are willing to take those risks. After all, not all gets taught in school, and they understand this equally well. They let curiosity get the better of them and never shy away from asking the right questions. Oversight is one word you would never find in their dictionary.

Manage time/priorities

Time and project management are a given with all growing and large organizations. Demanding deadlines with quality output is the new norm for the global workforce. Good graphic designers endure this skill well and can function within boundaries of project deadlines and changing priorities. They can, therefore, effectively manage workload to meet deadlines and keep the clients engaged and satisfied.

Effective Communicator

Setting expectations internally and with clients requires that a graphic artist can effectively convey what can be achieved and what will be required for his or her team to meet the desired output. Communication is key, and a good graphic artist sets the right tone to establish his deliverables with clients and with his team, so all are on track with project movements.

Can take criticism

Great designers accept criticism and apply them as a part of their constant learning process. Not only do they elevate themselves to something better, but they also apply any feedback or opinions of team members and client’s and go further only to produce designs that are nothing less than remarkable. Their immediate and only reaction is their marvelous work that supersedes criticism always.

Keep learning

‘To the man who learned less in school is no failure, but the one stopped learning is one or will be soon.’ They understand this phrase well and endure people, resources, forums and any other educational means that engages them in their learning process. As the industry continues to evolve, great graphic designers shape-shift their work to evolve with what is always trending.

Client orientation

The gap between client expectations and the final output is a key aspect, and a good graphic artist knows this well. He/she works effortlessly and passionately to help achieve what his client or the team had intended to see as a design output.

Knows his/her audience

Not all the clients share the same space as the graphic artist. So a great graphic artist always does his/her research and has the ground work ready that would help him/her achieve the intended design for the client. He/she has a profound understanding of the client’s requirement and how they would respond to certain images. He/she integrates this learning into the designs well.


The success of any marketing effort is a result of its application of some of the best industry practices and proven strategies. A good graphic designer emphasizes strongly on this and complements client’s marketing team, by supporting them with visually appealing designs. The graphic artist accomplishes this by ensuring he understands the clients marketing objectives and implies their scope with his exceptional design skills.


Various technology platforms have found its way in companies, making certain tasks, easier than before. As a learning means, a good graphic artist is adept at most or all desktop publishing software. His articulate means of learning new programs and being able to apply his learning’s to help ensure organizations growth makes him your perfect choice for a graphic artist.

Yogesh Shinde is Co-Founder at Graphixide Inc